Green Properties

The Group is committed to implementing the concept of green and sustainability throughout the entire life cycle of the building, actively increasing the proportion of green building certification from green environmental protection, innovation and efficiency enhancement, and smart construction to promote low-carbon urban development.

We regard green and health as one of the design standards for residential and commercial product lines where all residential products must meet at least one-star design requirements for green buildings. In terms of commercial projects, all newly acquired commercial complex projects must meet two-star standard, while high-end projects must meet three-star standard, we also encourage the acquisition of international certifications such as LEED, WELL, and BREEAM. Based on customer sensitivity, we list the green and health one-star, two-star, and three-star configuration standards, and set the provisions of multiple dimensions as mandatory items, standard items, and non-configuration items, reflecting the Group’s unswerving commitment to creating a green and healthy life.

In 2023, the Group's GFA that meets the green building standard was 6.7267 million sq.m., representing 99% of the total completed GFA. Among them, 60 projects meet the green building standard, accounting for 100% of the total completed projects.

At present, CIFI has obtained many domestic and foreign authoritative green and health certifications for many projects across the country. The following are main representative projects that have obtained high-level certifications:

Some high-level green and health certifications:

Shanghai POWERLONG & CIFI Plaza

Shanghai CIFI Tower

In the field of prefabricated construction, it was stated that “We shall strive to achieve a proportion of 30% of prefabricated construction in the new construction within about 10 years” in the Opinions on Further Strengthening the Management of Urban Planning and Construction issued by the State Council in 2016. The Group has actively responded to the call of national policy and has been committed to promoting its development in recent years. It paid high attention to the prefabricated technology in the front-end investment design field of the main business of real estate, meanwhile established a construction industrialization resource service provider that integrates design and production, Shanghai Green Construction Technology Co., Ltd., continuously exploring multi-dimensionally and putting efforts to promote the practice and innovation of prefabricated construction.

The Group advanced assembly building technology and used cutting-edge assembly techniques like the SPCS/EVE assembly system and assembly basement technology, compiled "Design Guidelines of Leakage Prevention for Fabricated Projects", and insisted on "standardized design, factory-based production, information-based management and assembly construction" to save energy and water, reduce noise and waste, maintain quality and cut down on construction time. We realized factory and intensive production, enhanced component quality and production efficiency, and continuously increased productivity and efficiency. With these efforts, we comprehensively improved our product quality and production safety and made steady progress towards the goal of cost reduction and efficient increase.

In 2023, the Group launched 82 prefabricated buildings, representing 79.6% of new projects, much higher than the national target.


Shanghai Century One Mile, the first low-consumption residential project in Shanghai

As the first residential project in Shanghai to apply for and pass the evaluation of Shanghai's ultra-low energy consumption program, Shanghai Century One Mile has achieved a reduction in energy consumption by more than 50% through the use of advanced green technologies such as renewable energy utilization, high-efficiency heat recovery, high-efficiency energy-using equipment and building insulation.

Shanghai Century One Mile adopts a series of energy -saving measures and adds optimized design to the building, surrounding structure, air tightness control and other aspects, which not only makes the energy consumption level of the project much lower than that of conventional buildings, but also ensures the healthy environment and comfortability of the buildings. It is estimated that Shanghai Century One Mile can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 1,225 tons per year.

Active and passive ultra-low consumption design

Passive: Natural lighting and ventilation, exterior wall and roof insulation, high performance exterior windows, building air tightness

Active: Fresh air system, high-efficiency air conditioning, energy-saving lightening, energy-saving lift, heating equipment system saving energy by more than 50%

Beijing Huaxi CIFI LIVE ∙ Wukesong Ice Sports Centre, the world's leading stadium with ultra-low energy consumption

Wukesong Ice Sports Center is a landmark building serving the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, which is also among Beijing’s first batch of pilot projects with ultra-low energy consumption approved by expertise. The Winter Olympic Games venues have adopted green and healthy standards in their construction, and all competition venues, training venues and Winter Olympics villages have greatly improved their greenness. As one of the dual Olympic venues in the dual Olympic City, the renovation of Wukesong Sports Center and the construction of Wukesong Ice Sports Center highly follow the philosophy of sustainable development, and are built with green, ecological and energy-saving building standards to create a green venue at the forefront of the times.

As the world's leading stadium with ultra-low energy consumption, the roof of the Wukesong Ice Sports Center is equipped with a 600-kw decentralized photovoltaic system, capable of supplying about 700,000 kwh of electricity annually, meeting 8.5% of its electricity demand and reducing carbon emissions.

Shanghai Henderson CIFI Center and Hefei Beichen CIFI Center both obtaining WELL HSR certification

Both Henderson CIFI Center in Shanghai, CIFI's headquarters, and Beichen CIFI Center have obtained WELL HSR(Health-Safety Rating) certification.

The Group encourages demonstration areas and community multi-dimensional functional spaces of residential products - 37°C spaces to achieve WELL HSR standards and fine decoration communities to strive to achieve standard of WELL Gold, WELL Silver or above.

Jinan Luxury Mansion, obtaining WELL Community (Gold), China Two-star GBEL and National Three-star Healthy Housing

The Luxury Mansion borders on the Changlingshan Reserve of Lixia District in the city of Jinan. By fully conforming to the ten rigorously defined key factors (air, water, nourishment, light, movement, thermal comfort, sound, materials, mind, community) in WELL COMMUNITY STANDARD (standard for healthy community), Luxury Mansion extends the criterion of healthy living to the whole community in an all-inclusive endeavour to upscale the living experience.

Beijing Guoxiang Yunzhu

Guoxiang Yunzhu is located in Miyun District, Beijing, with a total GFA of 178,321 sq.m..The 21 residential buildings are all prefabricated and the prefabricating rate is over 60%, reaching the A (BJ) level of the Beijing's Evaluation Standard for Prefabricated Buildings DB11/T 1831-2021, representing top quality in the industry.

Meanwhile, the project adopts BIM information technology from design to construction and future operation to meet the targets of saving resources and energy, reducing construction pollution, improving labor productivity and quality and safety standards.